My debut novella, ‘Nana,’ is now available via Amazon Kindle, paperback, and hardcover. Audiobook coming soon!

Stale biscuits and flat soda await. Take your place at Nana’s table, but watch your manners!

Nana: A term of endearment used in some countries for one’s Grandma. Some say the title is derived from the Italian word for Grandmother, Nonna. Another theory is that it stems from the word Nanny, i.e., someone who takes care of children.
Meet Olly’s nana, Ivy. It takes more than clean dentures, brandy, and bingo night to keep this one happy!
Nana Ivy lives in Newhaven Crescent, where most of the other residents are past their expiry date and all kinds of batshit crazy, the kind of place where you hang your sanity up at the door.
Being the matriarchal type, Ivy cares for the other residents as though they were kin, so of course, it’s of enormous concern when their veins begin to blacken and they start shedding skin, not to mention the glistening things crawling out of their hair. They’re pushing their luck, and Nana Ivy knows it.
Did I mention she has a dark secret?
Young Olly doesn’t know what to make of it when he comes to visit, but he’s about to find out there’s more to his nana than cough drops and slippers. Oh yes, he’s in for a long night.
‘I want to take my readers on a ride, but, in the end, I want to throw them from the carriage.’

What others are saying about my debut short story collection, ‘Face The Music’ :

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Mark Towse is an exciting new discovery. His stories are hidden gems that glint in the darkness. His characters draw you into their worlds, making you care, then plunge you into the abyss, leaving only a memory of warmth. His work will linger in your mind long after the telling. His are heart-felt stories with an icy edge. Highly recommended.’
Trevor Denyer – Editor and Publisher – Midnight Street Press

Wow, what a great collection of ideas and stories! I’m so happy I gave this one a chance. 

And what a journey it is! I really appreciate his skill with twists and turns. Every time I think I’ve got it figured out, he flips the story. I loved it. He’s a very engaging storyteller. Some a few pages. Some longer short stories. All great. There honestly wasn’t a single story that I did not like.

Ticks all the boxes: intelligent and fresh writing, beautiful language, killer twists and most important real fear.
Horror lovers please buy this, there’s no way you’ll regret it! 💀

Reader comments: “Mark: You keep “stalling” to just the right degree, so when the payoff–with its unexpected details–comes, it is completely satisfying. Bravo! More.”

“Very well done. Excellent turn around at the end. Caught me with my mouth hanging open.”

“Nice twist. Worthy of Rod Serling or Alfred Hitchcock.”

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