The Finishing Line

Ironic title as I have just started this journey but I am exceptionally proud to have one of my stories ‘The Finishing Line’ appear in the October edition of Artpost Magazine. This is available in pdf or print, print copy only $7.99. There is some exceptional talent within this.

Mark Towse – The Finishing Line


Also available on Kindle on this link

Books ‘N Pieces and C&D Magazine- Fortune and Glory

I completely forgot about this story, again very early days and just playing around but it got published. My work has improved dramatically but everyone has to start somewhere.

Also Hugh’s Friend is available to read, free on pdf here… 

New story ‘The Finishing Line’ in October’s edition of Artpost Magazine

This is one cool mag and I was honoured when they purchased one of my earlier stories ‘The Finishing Line’. This is due to appear in October’s edition but check out how cool the mag is now and purchase your copy soon!

Also look out for my story ‘A Sense of Dread’ appearing in the October issue of Montreal Writes. Here is a link to their site for the time being but I will update once published.

Montreal Writes



Hugh’s Friend.

This will remain my favourite story as it is the one that started the journey for me. Funny and dark and with a lovely little twist at the end. It was purchased some time ago and has appeared in a number of publications including Books ‘N Pieces, Streetcake Magazine, and a shortened version will also appear shortly on Antipodean SF and podcast.

First published flash fiction piece

And you can now read a version of this free here at Free version Hugh’s FriendHugh’s Friend.