On Loss anthology. Featuring ‘Our Place’ by Mark Towse.

On Loss is a genre-crossing collection of short stories, poetry, and flash fiction. Whether losing a loved one, memories, innocence, or the mind, each one follows a different path of loss and its aftermath.
Featuring  ‘Our Place’ by Mark Towse.

On Loss anthology, featuring ‘Our Place’ by Mark Towse

On Loss: An Anthology by [Pasker, Aaron, Marchant, Erica, George, Joshua, Schell, Melissa, Riley, Michael, Nicholas, Christy, Broughman, Chad, Simon, Michael, Greywolf Rowan, Cari, Hunter, KJ]
Available now on Kindle and in print next week.


Face The Music – contract signed for my new horror anthology. Coming soon!

My first book, ‘Face the Music’ is coming soon!
I want to take my readers on a ride, but in the end, I want to throw them from the carriage. Twenty-three short stories that will explore your darkest fears.
Work in progress cover by Don Noble. Check out all of his work athttps://roosterrepublicpress.com/
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